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From strategies to manage your insane inbox, to developing leadership skills, to all things hiring a team member... Libby sits down with experts in a variety of areas to help you navigate ALL.THE.THINGS we deal with as business owners. 

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Libby shares everything from systems and processes, to language, to best practices... essentially all the tips and tricks she's used to build a successful business and minimize stress and overwhelm.

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Watch Libby coach advisors through a variety of different road blocks they are experiencing as they grow and scale their Advisory businesses. 


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Industry Expert Interviews

Today I interview Ben and Jenna Laws, the power advisor couple behind Evexia Wealth. In today's episode they share their over-the-top client experience start to finish. HOLY COW this was incredible info! I was BLOWN AWAY by the experience they've created for their clients. Keep on scrolling down to see more resources associated with this interview!
How She Tripled Her Revenue in Three Years
Today Advisor Jen Becker shares with us what she did to change her business in BIG ways. She tell us the systems and processes she has implemented that have helped her scale, how building her team out allowed her to grow, and how she continues to streamline her business to get more done in less time.
This episode is full of amazing language, insight, and tactical ideas.

In this video, Productivity Expert Amber De La Garza, shows us simple tricks to tame and then maintain your inbox. These are the strategies Libby used to go from 2,800 emails in her inbox to less than 100... and keep it there! 

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Building a team is an essential part of scaling your business, but the downside is that most Advisors do not have the time or training to hire well. Specializing in Financial Advisor teams, recruiting, and talent development, Career Expert Erin Carlson shares specifics in Part 1 of this series how to attract qualified candidates and where to find them!
Erin Carlson (specialist in hiring and talent development) is back for PART 2 to go a little deeper into the actual interview, selection, and negotiation processes. We know that picking the RIGHT person from a pool of possibilities is CRUCIAL. In this video Erin drops specific interview questions we need to be asking, which personality assessments are best why you NEED to use them, the importance of screening before moving to an official interview, making/negotiating an employment offer, and what you need to do to determine their compensation package



Avoiding turnover and getting the most out of your team! Erin Carlson and I talk all about onboarding, training, and retaining employees once we’ve made the hire… and how to keep them for life. 

So join us as Erin lays out: The difference between orientation, onboarding, and training… and how to do each! How to structure and what to cover in the first 30 days, 60 days, and 90 days. How to establish expectations without it being awkward and weird. Some tips and tricks to continuing to develop your employees after the 90th day, 5th year, and beyond!
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In this video, Leadership Coach, Tami Chapek and I get into how to truly shift from managing employees to LEADING a team! We get into how to run effective one-on-ones, how to set expectations with team members, how to empower your team, and how to have “those” tough conversations… Tami gives some tactical tips that ANY advisor who has support needs to consider right now.

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In this video LinkedIn expert, Lindsey McMillion Stemann is sharing with us how to harness LinkedIn as a powerful prospecting tool and a way to connect with potential clients without spending HOURS on social media. Her expertise in financial services helps us identify how to maximize your LinkedIn all while under the watchful eye of compliance. 
A crazy testimonial Lindsey shared with me is that one Advisor she worked with implemented one small habit (30 minutes a week) that yielded him 6 new meetings a week… and on average 3 of those became new clients! 
Divorce Financial Planner, Michelle Klisanich, and I dive into the art of niching down. Michelle is a true example of how differentiating yourself from other Advisors makes you more referable and leads to explosive growth. I am a huge fan of creating a specialty to stand out from the crowd and attract the right prospects.
We dive deep into: Getting over the fear of narrowing your market, how she developed her niche (and I share mine too!), arketing your niche, working with other professionals in your niche to create a referral base, and specific language on how to talk to your clients about your “new” niche.
Advisor Autumn Keller shares with us how she DOUBLED her revenue in 12 months.

Autumn shares: Language on how she differentiates her services from other advisors in Montana, how she time hacked her client appreciation event, how having systems and processes saved her during a crazy year, and tons of language on how she approaches planning with her clients that has led to referral after referral.
Did you know most advisors make a critical mistake in the timing of their charitable giving conversations? Planned giving expert Dana Holt and I discuss:

What is the true motivator for clients to want to give? How is that different from how Advisors typically talk about charitable planning?How is this conversation very different from other types of planning conversations? How can Advisors level up in this area? And, Dana shares her favorite language to engage clients in this conversation!
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Life Hacks for Advisors: Tips and Tricks to make your home life a little easier.
In this video I am collaborating with Super Mom Advisor, Katrina Kaschinske. We are sharing our best life hacks that help us balance running big, busy businesses, but also managing a household. We dive into leveraging others, short cuts, and how planning ahead makes things run *a little* smoother!
"Story Brand" Your Marketing Message
In today's video, we've got Story Brand Marketing Specialist, Casey Fuerst, teaching us how to simplify our core message so we can stand out! We dive into the Story Brand Framework and how you can use this step-by-step process to clarify your message and create more impact!

Insight from Libby

How I Take A Month OFF! Whether your goal is to strategically identify gaps in your business, or to just plain take some time to relax and have white space... a sabbatical can be just the thing. In today's video I share how I worked up to taking a month off, totally unplugged, from my business... and how it's been the most productive and profitable thing I've done. And... it's a ton of fun too!
6 Ways to Use Delay Delivery to Streamline Your Advisory Practice
Today we explore a few ways you can use this little tool in outlook to streamline your practice, work ahead, prospect, and keep you organized!
Download My Templates
Steal my Client-Facing Emails! If you know me... I've got mad love for templates.
In today’s video we’re going to share: What templates we use in our office – it’s a huge list! I’ll walk you through a couple of our time saving email templates. 4 convenient ways to create email templates so you can pick what works for you! Access to a cheat sheet that’s got a sample of our email templates for you to use in your business. Yes… permission to copy!
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On this live call I answer some of the most common Q&As I get from the EA Community! The main focus is how can you, as an advisor, differentiate yourself and compete in 2019? With roboinvesting, no-cost index funds, and DIY platforms… I go through 2 main ways you can create value for your clients and still be profitable. I also answer some questions live, and OF COURSE, go off on some tangents. Operation Motivation!

Tips from the Top! I asked 5 top professionals in the financial planning world for their tips and tricks to staying organized, keeping focused, and working efficiently. This is audio only!



In this video I share what was a game changer in my life. This planner (tied together with my 10-minute goal setting strategy) has helped me stay crazy organized AND maintain goal-crushing momentum in my business.


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Trouble relaxing on vacation? Try this practice I use to help rid my brain of "to do's" and "I shoulds" so I can actually step away from the office and not think about the office!


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A Simple Trick To Improve Your Mindset

Every Advisor, at EVERY level, has "THOSE" days. Here is a simple thing I do to remind me how valuable I am to my clients and that the work that I do matters. 

Here's a quick, tactical video to show you how we Micro, Middle, and Macro calendar for reduced stress and overwhelm. It sounds like a LOT of calendaring… but I promise it’s a short process that you can do in no time at all. Like 10 minutes a shot.

What you’ll learn in this video is:
  • Why looking at calendaring from 3 different levels helps you avoid feelings stretched too thin
  • How I use a cheap, free printable calendar to layout my entire year to look at everything from a birds-eye view (macro)
  • How a 10-minute meeting session with your spouse/family to plan the week together makes life simple (middle)
  • An easy trick to make your daily schedule more productive (micro)
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On-Air Coaching


Advisor Tenure - 4 years

Adam Hautly’s wife is about to have their second child, he just hired a Director of Operations into his practice, and his house is under major renovation... a recipe for overwhelm!?
Topics discussed: Plan of attack for on-boarding an employee, using hiring as a way to show his clients his business is growing and how to spin that into referrals, articulating a specialty and communicating that to clients,  how to drive more referrals, ways to turn down clients that don’t fit your lane...and more!
Download The Office Expansion Letter Libby gives Adam HERE!

Maggie Carter - Advisor Tenure < 1 Year

Maggie Carter (advisor tenure – less than 1 year) is getting her advisory business up and running and is looking for advice on ALL.THE.THINGS.

Together we tackle:
Where do I get the knowledge I need to grow my business? If I could go back to when you started, what would I focus on knowing what I know now? My recommendation of 3 different ways to experience client meetings. Templating and documenting the process for delivering advice. What does a planning process looks like in our office? Why rough draft meetings are CRUCIAL to efficient closing. Defining your identity and style as an advisor. Differentiating from the competition. How to grow your knowledge and combat imposter syndrome. Creating tenants of planning that you use to anchor your plans.
This episode is ideal for advisors in their first 3 years in the business, or Advisors launching other Advisors!



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