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Engaging & Impactful Presentations


You need Advisors to get immediate value and be able to take immediate action from your event!

Financial Advisors & Leaders are taking time out of the field for training, so the takeaways need to be IMPACTFUL.

My promise to you is that your audience will walk out with tactical tools to bring in more business and deliver better advice... faster.

I will share specific systems and processes to help them build a business they love, without living in a place of overwhelm. My presentations are designed to deliver simple action steps that Advisors can implement immediately

"Libby is a powerhouse speaker and a genius at developing processes and strategies for advisory businesses. Her presentation was impactful, full of implementable solutions, engaging, & game-changing. I would recommend her to audiences that want to take their practice to the next level and don't have the patience or desire to develop a system on their own!"

Jessica Koefod, RICP, FIC, CLTC, BFA
Market Director

Signature Keynotes & Breakouts

How to Create  Lifelong Clients Without Sacrificing Your Life

You’ve likely heard over and over again that "client experience & adding ongoing value" are crucial ingredients to building a referable practice. But if you’re like most advisors, you’re like “WHAT exactly does that even mean?!” and “HOW do I actually do it?!”

You’ve maybe even spent significant time, energy, and money creating "client experience moments" and "adding value" WITHOUT getting the results you’ve been looking for. Or, maybe you've created a plan, but found it takes a lot of time to execute and it's just too hard to stay consistent. If that's you, don't give up, help is on the way!

If you truly want to differentiate yourself from the competition, create loyal lifelong clients that refer to you like crazy, AND spend less time doing it… this presentation is your golden ticket!

In this signature talk you will:

  • - Discover the 5 key areas that will make or break your client experience
  • Understand how to curate “Instagram-able” client experience moments that clients will want to share
  • Learn how to build a "client experience model template" to deliver your experience consistently AND make it simple to implement
  • - Discover how to systematically add value to your clients year after year- - It’s more than just updating spreadsheets & software outputs!
  • - Learn how to build a system to scale your planning process without adding time to YOUR calendar

This topic can be delivered in a 60-min keynote format up to a half-day training format.

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How to Get More Ideal Referrals in 2 Hours Than Most Advisors Get in a Year

WARNING: The contents of this presentation can lead to exponential revenue, dramatic increases in high quality referrals, and potentially uncontrollable enjoyment in your work.

: Less overwhelm, less stress, increased enjoyment of your business, and in some occurrences streamlined systems & processes. 

Did you know the average financial advisor workshop has a $3 return to $1 spent ROI? Not too shabby! But, if I told you that you could host an event that produces $30 to $1… in only a couple of hours… would you think I was crazy? There was a time when I thought that it WOULD be crazy to see that kind of return on any event. And, what if I told you that you’d actually find ideal clients & have fun doing it? I know. It sounds too good to be true. 

Like most advisors I was hosting events, asking clients to bring friends, doing everything I was taught to do…. and I was very unhappy with the results. If clients even brought a guest… it wasn’t one that I wanted to work with. Until one day, when I had an idea, and I gave it a try. I was BLOWN AWAY by the results. So I did it again, thinking it was a fluke. Same amazing results. 

I knew I was on to something and started testing & tweaking a very specific style of “referral event.” I started teaching the system to other advisors that I was coaching… and they had similar results! I knew I was on to something, and the White Glove Referral Event Blueprint © was born!

  • In this signature talk you will:

  • -Understand what a White Glove Referral Event is and how it differs from every other marketing event you’ve tried over the years
  • - Receive the exact process used by myself and other advisors to get more referrals in 2 hours than most advisors get in a year
  • - Learn how to create a “unique experience” that clients will be dying to invite people to
  • - Understand how to identify the right client to host this type of event
  • - Know how to create a captivating talk—that only takes 10 minutes—that triggers appointments galore
  • - Learn the small nuances that can take your White Glove Referral Event from great to outstanding!
  • - Hear the language that I used to help my clients identify ideal friends and family to invite
  • - Discover the follow up strategies that I used to connect with attendees without sounding desperate

**This presentation is ideal for Advisors who have been in the business long enough to have clients that just love & adore them and their services. While new advisors can certainly employ parts of this strategy, it’s most suited for Advisors with longer standing relationships.

This topic can be delivered in a 60-min keynote format up to a half-day interactive training format that includes on-site work and worksheet blueprints for attendees.

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Event Planners &
Decision Makers

In addition to the two signature talks above, Libby has a variety of topics for events, virtual trainings, and small group work sessions.

Let's talk about your event and how we can help your Advisors take MASSIVE ACTION!

60-Minute Topical Presentations Include:
The Art of the Agenda: How to create an effective agenda that adds major value in a 1-hour meeting (or less!)

Creating a Laser-Focused Marketing Message that Speaks DIRECTLY to Your Ideal Client

Skyrocket Your Referrals: How to Create a SYSTEM to Get More of the Right Referrals

Systems Can Be Sexy! Regain control of your business, reduce overwhelm, and create systems that scale!


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About Libby:

Do you ever wish you knew an Advisor who built a 7-figure practice--while only working 3 days a week--that was willing to share her systems, processes, and business hacks with you? Meet Business Coach and Host of The Efficient Advisor Podcast, Libby Greiwe. Her specialty? Breaking down the functions of a financial planning practice into actionable step-by-step processes designed to get you results and get you out of overwhelm.

Proven systems, done-for-you templates, and easy to implement solutions… all tied together by her MISSION to create ease in your business. She promises to deliver actionable step-by-step solutions you can implement right away to save time, money, and frustration. The goal--to lead you from overwhelm to efficiency.

She started her own financial planning business in 2004. And, over the years she scaled into a 7-figure single-advisor firm while working only 25-hours a week so she could be super involved while raising her kiddos. She knows what it takes to build a 100% referral-only practice and to not have to GRIND out the hours to be successful.

She ran her own planning business for 16 years culminating in a sale to an enterprise firm in 2019. Now, she’s simply just obsessed with helping other amazing advisors do the same thing.


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