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You're a Driven Advisor Ready to Take Your Business to the Next Level...

and for some reason you just feel a little...stuck.

 Maybe you're thinking: 

  • I need more SYSTEMS and PROCESSES so I can scale without working more!
  • I feel like I'm always behind playing catch-up. Why can't I get organized and get ahead of my work?
  • Should I specialize in a niche of planning? How do I do that?
  • Why am I so bogged down in the day-to-day operations of running my planning practice?
  • I'm putting in the time! Why am I not getting the results that reflect my effort?
  • Why am I not getting way more referrals even though I am an amazing planner? (or maybe not the RIGHT referrals)
  • Should I invest in a new team member? What position does my business really need to hire?

You're in the right place!

I want to help YOU create a profitable, successful business you love...without sacrificing a LIFE that you love!

"Libby's coaching is hands down the BEST training I’ve had in my 16 years as an advisor. I come back with dozens of new ways to streamline my processes and get it all done in less time. Libby gives you all the tools and templates to truly double your revenue while working less. "

Jen Becker
Financial Advisor

You're right there...on the edge of greatness. You just need a little help figuring out the right next step.

Or, maybe you don't want to create something from scratch and you want a chassis to work from. I got you - and I've got resources!

Consider me your guide to unlocking the business & life that you love. 


You've decided it's time. 

It's time to get serious about stepping into your CEO role and getting your business organized once and for all. If you're ready to create systems that scale and build a referral-only practice, check out our 10-month group coaching & mastermind program. 




"The Efficient Advisor has transformed my business... which has completely transformed my life!"

Private Coaching Options

Looking for something a little bit more personalized? Check out these 1:1 offerings to create customized solutions for your Advisory business at the pace that works for you & your goals!

90-Minute CEO Strategy Session

Let’s have a “CEO Date” working ON your business, figuring out where you are going next, and how to get there in the most efficient way possible. You’ll be amazed at what we can accomplish together in an hour and a half of focused—no fluff—time.

A one-time strategy session is ideal for: rapid firing of questions, deep dive on 1-3 topics, and just general guidance on a decision you are making, direction for your business, or creating a system or process for streamlining your practice.

You’ll walk away with a plan, focus, and clarity on how to move forward with your goals.


6-Session Coaching Package

Looking for on-going coaching and accountability? Multi-session packages help keep you implementing consistently, keep you motivated & accountable, and keep you crushing your goals by working through your hiccups, mindset, and growing pains every month.

This package is designed to go at the pace that works for you and your business. You can schedule your session closer together for a high-speed movement and implementation. Or, for things that take a little more time, testing, & tweaking you can space them out. 

Ongoing sessions allow  you the time to get to work on multiple goals or a full systems & process overhaul.

Some advisors need time to process our discussions, take some action, and circle back for additional feedback and guidance. You’ll walk away with a plan, focus, and clarity on how to move forward with your goals. 

Each call lasts approximately 60-minutes. 


Group Coaching & Mastermind

You’re ready. You're successful. You know how to plan. You know how to show clients value and that you care. You are a great financial advisor. 

And at the same time, your business is exhausting! You feel overwhelmed and always playing catch up. You want to have more time and energy for your family and your life outside the office. 

You know you need to build more systems and processes so  you can scale. You know you need to empower your team to do more. But you don’t know exactly how to go about it or don’t want to start from scratch.

You need a proven "implement-as-you-go" framework. I've got you!

Systems to Scale Group Coaching


I heard you asking for a group coaching format. But, I knew it had to be more than just a regular group program. It had to be EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE, and ENJOYABLE. 

It had to produce massive results at a rapid pace. It had to build a community of like-minded advisors creating, implementing, encouraging each other  while following a proven framework. 

After testing and tweaking this format with some amazing advisors, I am proud to offer a group coaching and mastermind program that follows the Systems to Scale Framework (c).

In this 10-month (don't worry, there are lots of breaks built in!) program, you will follow a framework designed to build a referable, scalable, and enjoyable business.

In this program you'll create:

  • A clear vision of your brand, who you serve, and the type of planning you want to offer the world.
  • A laser-focused marketing message that speaks directly to your ideal client.
  • A defined step-by-step financial planning process with templates, SOPs, and step-by-step guides so you and your team can deliver it like clockwork.
  • A strategy to scale your planning process without adding more time to your schedule.
  • A client experience model designed to "wow" your clients and back-end processes to execute it flawlessly. 
  • A series of personalized time management techniques and accountability to scale your own personal efficiency.
  • A whole host of customized templates for keeping your client information organized, streamlining your practice and tracking important details. 
  • An opportunity for Laser 1:1 Coaching for each participant to support your unique business.
  • The ability to customize my provided resources for you and your team's business structure and goals.
  • A customizable system to delegate more effectively to build confidence and competency in your team. 
  • And, so much more.



Click HERE to Get on the August '24 Wait List

So what are the benefits of the Systems to Scale Framework Coaching?


✔︎ Feeling like you’re organized, have a plan, and are ready to go to the next level

✔︎ A sense of achievement in implementing SO MANY THINGS  (and most have been on your to-do list for YEARS!)

✔︎ New processes to accommodate and match the growth you are experiencing in your business

✔︎ Developed leadership skills and strategies to lead and manage your team to drive results

✔︎ More time off (without peeking at your phone) and the ability to relax during your time away from the office

✔︎ Confidence in how to structure, price, and deliver your services

✔︎ A strategy to be consistent while you scale your business

✔︎ Friendship with others who get you and who genuinely want to see you succeed

✔︎ Making key decisions on what to focus on to achieve your business goals – and JUST as important… what NOT to focus on!

✔︎ Excitement over creating a business and a life that you love


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