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Resource Library

I know advisors are looking for services and vendors ALL THE TIME. But, where do you even start!? Well, look no further than The Efficient Advisor's Resource Library. This is a collection of vetted services handpicked by moi! These are people and products that I have worked with personally in my own business or have had advisors I work with recommend (and then I vet!). I will only ever recommend a product or service that I trust and believe in. 
Please do me a solid and let them know The Efficient Advisor sent you!

The Ultimate Value Add for Your Clients

The Ultimate Value Add for Your Clients

Featured on Episode #106

Blake Brewer, is something really special. He’s on a mission to help parents create a lasting legacy beyond finances for their children and he partners with financial advisors to help them become indispensable in their clients’ lives. The Legacy Letter Challenge was featured on the Today Show. It’s that cool. This is a value add that is lower on difficulty and massive on impact. The perfect value add!

Click here to find the process I mention in this episode that I would follow in my own practice to execute this idea. 


Check Out Legacy Letter - EA Special Pricing

37-Point Tax Return Checklist

Featured on Episode #112

When I was an advisor, collecting tax returns and actually doing something with them was a huge differentiator in our service model! The hard part was… it took years of education, research, and playing around with software to figure out how we could add value to clients through tax return analysis.

I searched high and low for a CPA who could really support the work we were doing, and it was impossible to find. Trust me… I tried. If I had access to Steven Jarvis, or RTS, early on in my business, that would have saved me so much time, energy, and headache navigating tax planning on my own.
Steven has made his 37-point tax return checklist available for a stupid price!
Snag Your Tax Checklist Here!

Financial Services Specific Recruiting and Hiring Specialist 

Featured on Episode #108

You need a team to scale. But, where do you find really, really good employees? The kind that want to grow, are anxious to take on more work and are an ideal fit for your business? I am so grateful to have round Claire Myers Vitale, a head hunter who specializes in helping financial advisors build out their firms from executive assistant to fully licensed directors of operations.

Claire works exclusive in the financial planning world and is the perfect person to outsource your hiring needs. Claire has helped many advisors I work with find amazing team members and I am confident in her service... including her 90-Day Guarantee! 

Check out Claire Myers Consulting

Your Start-to-Finish Roth Conversion Guide From RTS 

Roth Conversions & Backdoor Roths are a tactic most advisors are using... but the real questions is... is it getting done correctly? I know in my own practice, we constant were recommending these strategies ONLY TO FIND OUT that the CPAs messed it up! And... it became a bit of a nightmare. 

Retirement Tax Services (RTS) has created a comprehensive guide to IRS Form 8606--literally walking you through it line-by-line so you can make sure your clients are filing your genius strategies correctly! 

It also includes the five questions you need to ask on every backdoor Roth contribution to make sure you, your team, and their CPAs are getting it right.

Grab the 8606 Cheat Sheet Here!

Some of these links are affiliate links which means The Efficient Advisor might get a little something-something if you click through to purchase. BUT, REST ASSURED... I only recommend services and vendors I LOVE and USE. You know me... I won't steer you wrong for a couple of bucks. I really appreciate you using my link... I like getting paid for the work I do and it helps me track what Advisors need.

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