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Episode #029: Tips And Tricks: Things You Didn't Know You Didn't Know With Guest Jeremy Keil

You might remember just a short period of time ago when Jeremy was on the podcast sharing how he TRIPLED his referral in just 1 year… it was so good.

Well, when were recording that episode we were just riffing on other things and you know I talk A LOT about stepping into that CEO role and really RUNNING your business instead of it running you.

And, Jeremy and I were chatting and I thought you would like to hear some of the tips and tricks that he’s uncovered that have propelled his practice into the stratosphere.

  • In this episode Jeremy and I talk about:
  • His client experience tips & tricks
  • How he defined and markets his “not so unique” unique niche
  • How he developed and morphed his practice from the onset to where it is now
  • How he stepped into his CEO role and some mindset hacks around building a team
  • What Frank Sinatra and Frankie Valli taught him about running his practice
  • The 3 main functions of your business that you need to pay attention to
  • His “tests” to find the MOST IDEAL team mates

So I invite you in to join our discussion and I know you will walk away with a ton of ideas that you can implement in your business RIGHT AWAY.


Links from Today’s Episode

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Books Jeremy mentioned... Rocket Fuel & EOS Life

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