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Episode #028: Steal My Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Yep - It's Yours to Customize!

Today I am going to straight up give you my standard operating procedure for when a client passes away. 

Why? Well #1 because the Efficient Advisor Community voted that they wanted more examples of systems and processes that we used in my practice when I was scaling the business. 

And, #2 because I want to show you how SIMPLE it is to create and SOP and how you can create one for literally EVERYTHING. 

I know the death of a client seems like kind of a morbid example, but let’s be real. This happens to every advisor. Your clients pass away. AND, because you’re listening to this I know you’re the type of an advisor that really cares about taking care of their clients and showing up for them during really tough times. 

In today’s episode you will:

  1. Learn how simple it is to make an effective SOP
  2. See an actual editable example of my SOP
  3. See what’s important to be included on a SOP
  4. Be challenged to create more of these in your business so you can streamline your practice and execute that TOP NOT client service level you want to deliver

I love when you carve out the time to actual craft something with INTENTION. You do it once, and can reuse it and give tasks away like a boss. 

Often, as busy advisors and business owners we just fly by the seat of our pants for things like this and think, oh! I should send a card… and oh I should try to just call and say hi in a couple months, let me put in a reminder, and oh, wouldn’t it be nice if I sent another card around the anniversary…? Or maybe at Christmas. 

Or maybe you’ve look back at an experience like losing a client and thought, man, I wish I would have done that better. 

Well… when those things occur, that means it’s SOP TIME!


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