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Episode #026: He TRIPLED His Referal Rate in just ONE YEAR with Guest Jeremy Keil

Are you ready to get DETAILED? I mean a specific checklist of what you can do to get MORE referrals faster? Well, today’s episode is exactly that. My guest, Financial Planner Extraordinaire Jeremy Kiel of Keil Financial Partners is walking us through some very specific things he has done with his marketing to TRIPLE his referrals in 12 months.

Yes, you heard me correctly. 12 months.

You will walk away from this episode with:

  • What you need to do first before you do any marketing
  • Specific examples, costs, website… from Jeremy that have contributed to his marketing success
  • What his marketing funnel looks like
  • How he makes it crazy easy for his clients to share him with his ideal client avatar
  • And 3 specific tactics you don’t want to miss!

We’re diving right into the nitty gritty details and I love every second of it. 

LINKS FROM THIS EPISODE: to create consistency among online search resources to learn more about Jeremy's practice to see Jeremy's lead magnet

Proud Mouth -  the service Jeremy uses to promote his podcast and enhance his "influencer status"

Smart Asset - lead service 

Wiser Advisor - lead service 

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