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Episode #024: A Picture is Worth 1000 Words – Up Level Your Value using Visuals with Guest Dr. Ross Riskin

In my humble opinion one of the main reasons your clients love you is because of the value that you provide. And you and I both know that value is created by educating and empowering your clients

When you can make complicated financial concepts easy to understand AND easy to remember… you will be priceless to your clients and they will… I repeat, they will refer you

Today I am sharing with you a tool to help you do just that. A resource for you to help you level up your client education by using visuals. 

I’m bringing in my brand new best friend (and triple threat) Dr. Ross Riskin to show you how to make a bigger and longer-lasting impact on your client education experience.

In today’s episode you’ll hear:

  • How our clients’ brains process pictures versus words
  • A major hack for simplifying complex concepts
  • A ‘system’ to do visuals faster and more efficiently
  • How to elevate ‘perceived’ and ‘actual’ levels of trust with your clients
  • Why visual branding matters

Our conversation takes a few hard lefts and ends up in some really fun and interesting places. I know you are going to be very intrigued by what Dr. Ross and VisiWealth are creating for advisors. 

Not only can you download the free visual below, you can also check out the list of available visuals at and email Ross directly at [email protected] and he will send you a FREE VISUAL OF YOUR CHOICE!



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