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Episode #022: Create a KILLER Client Experience that Turns Prospects into Clients and Clients into Referral-Generating Machines with Guests Ben & Jenna Laws


We talk ALL THE TIME about how crafting an amazing client experience is the crux of becoming a referral-based business. BUT THIS…. THIS BLEW MY MIND!

I like to pat myself on the back when it comes to curating an amazing, but easy-to-execute experience for my clients… BUT HOLY COW.

Today I interview Ben and Jenna Laws, the power advisor couple behind Evexia Wealth. I knew they were committed to client experience. I knew there were lots of similarities in how they approached client experience to how I do… so I knew this would be an amazing interview full of synergy…

BUT THIS WAS NEXT LEVEL STUFF --- It was like ordering a 4-pack of nuggets and getting a 20-pack for the same price --- Nuggets galore.

In this episode Ben and Jenna share their CRAZY, OVER-THE-TOP, AMAZING client experience. We also get into:

1️⃣  How creating core values for your business creates the basis for your client experience

2️⃣  How client experience starts with how your team treats each other

3️⃣  What they do to set the stage for a prospect – enter mind blowing experience

4️⃣  How you scale your client experience over time as you add capacity (don’t worry Year 3 Advisor – I got you!!!!)

5️⃣  How to set up your space to amplify your experience

6️⃣  Ben’s favorite book about creating an experience in your business

I know you are going to love this episode. I actually recorded it as a video back in 2019 and people went bananas over it. In fact, I still have Advisors reference it when we chat. It’s that good.




The Experience Economy - Ben's favorite book about client experience

Rocketfuel - Both the Laws and Libby mentioned this book as a game changer for teaming

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