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Episode #21: How to Follow Up without Sounding Desperate (Using a Nurture Sequence!) with Guest Olivia Luper

Looking for a technique to follow up with prospects that doesn’t feel icky or desperate? Well, today is all about exactly that.

Enter: The Nurture Sequence. 

Today I am talking with marketing expert Olivia Luper and we are going to get into how to follow up and create more inbound calls. 

In this episode you will learn: 

1️⃣  What is a nurture sequence?

2️⃣  What is the anatomy of a well-crafted & effective nurture sequence?

3️⃣  Tips & Tricks to improve your response rate

4️⃣  Do’s and Don’ts of creating captivating copy

AND - Olivia shares 🚨 AN EXACT SCRIPT 🚨 for your first email in the sequence… the confirmation email! This alone is pretty fantastic. 

I may, or may not, geek out a little about how this email sequence can occur while you’re sleeping, hanging out with family, or volunteering. The Lord knows how much I love automated systems.

 I hope you enjoy this episode and I’d love to see how you implement this in your business! 


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