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Episode #020: 10 Steps to Creating a Pitchable Planning Process


Welcome to another episode in the March Marketing Madness podcast series! When I polled The Efficient Advisor Community about this series and marketing the #2 topic people voted for was “how to talk about or pitch your planning process with clients.” So that is EXACTLY what we are going to cover today! 

I get really jacked up about this topic and have a lot to say. 

Today’s episode is going to dive into how to package your process in a way that:

  1. Differentiates you from other advisors
  2. Creates a clear scope of work so clients know what to expect and what NOT to expect
  3. Allows you to have confidence in your pricing 
  4. Streamlines your planning process behind the scenes – hello scalability! 

I think there are (at least) 10 steps or things to consider when building your process in a way that makes it easy to pitch AND easy to be desired by your Ideal Clients.



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