Libby's LIVE Practice Excellence Series Event

Join me and a powerful group of advisors on a transformational business adventure September 16th and 17th in Cincinnati, OH


"This is hands down the BEST training I’ve had in my 11 years as an advisor. I came back with dozens of new ways to streamline my processes and get it all done in less time. Libby gives you all the tools and templates to truly double your revenue while working less. "

Jen Becker
Financial Advisor - Faribault, MN

Creating a top-notch client experience that runs like clockwork is the best way to create a referable business and have clients lining up to work with you. There's a catch though... To deliver an amazing client experience you need an organized systems- and process-based financial planning practice that provides loads of value to its clients. 

Libby Greiwe is 12x top conference qualifier, a mom of two awesome boys, and an avid proponent of "work smarter, not harder." She works just 25-hours a week and drives over $900,000 in revenue in her solo-advisor practice. And the best: for the last five years, she hasn't had to pick up the phone to prospect once. 

Libby will give you strategies from her 15 years of experience that you can use right away to create ease in your business, grow revenue, and become highly a highly referable practice---without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed.

By the end of this event, you will have everything you need to:

  • Develop a client service model that leads to a 100% referral-only business. 
  • Maximize efficiency by leveraging customizable, simple-to-implement systems.
  • Efficiently execute comprehensive financial planning and written recommendations all the time -- every time without taking LOTS of time!
  • Identify the key team members you need to scale with out stress. 
  • Learn how to walk out the door each day with minimal follow up on your desk

But above all else, this event will give you the tools to BUILD A BUSINESS YOU LOVE. 

Your investment includes:

  • More than 14 hours filled with valuable insights from a Top producer and her team.
  • Ground transportation between airport and preferred hotel, and to and from agenda activities.
  • Meals during agenda activities.
  • Session materials.
  • Hard copy and electronic files of tools and templates to take back to your practice. 
  • A social dinner out the first night with ample time to interact with Libby and her team.
  • Post-event coaching and accountability: process updates and additional ideas and thoughts for 12 months following the event.
  • Access to the alumni community of like-minded advisors who have been through this event. This is full of idea sharing, encouragement, and best practices. 

Please note: Participants are responsible for all flight and lodging expenses and meals en route. 


Meet other like-minded advisors for two days of a behind-the-scenes look at how Libby and her team operate. Time with Libby as the Advisor, time with each member of the team to understand their roles and how things flow through the office, and time to interact and relax socially.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this about exactly?

This is 2 jam-packed days full of the systems, ideas, templates, language, etc.… basically how I figured out how to optimize this business. I came straight into this career from college and qualified for Pinnacle in my second year with NO STAFF & NO OFFICE. It’s possible… it isn’t easy… but ANYONE CAN do it! Then, I started to whittle my days in the office down to 3. I started out with a card table as my desk, a folding chair for my butt, and a big dream for my business. I made tons of mistakes and did tons of things right. This year we will cross $1mil in revenue working 3-days a week! I want to help you fast-track your business and skip a lot of the mistakes that I made that held me back from my goals!! See attached info for more details.


Are you for real a 100% REFERRAL ONLY practice?

Yep! And I’m not going to lie… it’s amazing when your phone just rings with QUALIFIED prospects. Imagine a life of no more cold calling! We’ll teach you the systems and tricks on how to start working towards that reality!


Why are you doing this?

Because I straight up love helping others to succeed in this business and ACTUALLY HAVE A LIFE outside of it. I am called by the Big Man Himself to help others… but I know in my heart that management isn’t right for me. This is a crazy cool way for me to be able to share and elevate others… while still maintaining my practice.


Who is this event right for? Who is this event not right for?

This is event was designed for Advisors who want to increase their productivity, make more money, work less, and get systems in place for extreme growth. You DO NOT have to have staff, experience, or a fancy office. You do not have to be “READY” for this. Just starting thinking like a million-dollar practice now. Why wait!?! We have people that have come through 6 months out of red role that now have a clear vision of what they want to build and HOW to build it… and we’ve had top conference qualifiers come through and identify areas that they are wasting time and having “ah ha” moments about their client service models. You are NEVER done learning and that’s what keeps me so dang excited about this career!

If you want to leave your office after 7 appointments in a day and have ZERO follow up on YOUR desk. You should come.

If you LOVE working 85 hours a week and enjoy doing busy work… I am probably not your girl.

This event is not right for people who are looking for the magic bullet. You will still have to put the work in. You can’t come and expect for it to be done for you. We’ll show you WHAT we do and HOW we do it… but it’s up to you to make it happen and implement. This event is also not right for mean people with bad attitudes. I promise that won’t jive with my positivity and excitement.


So what’s included?

Once the event starts Monday morning… you’ll get 2 days of straight up info deluge. Day 2 we do a field trip to my office to show you HOW we do it and you can see how systems flow through our office. You’ll have round tables with each team member to learn about how they support the practice. We include ALL transportation and meals during the event so you can just FOCUS on the 14 hours of content! We’ll give you a take-home workbook for use during the event, a follow up email with digital version of templates, scripts, and all the goodies so you can HAVE it and modify them to fit your practice! We will NOT make you re-create the wheel! But you will have to sign a legal doc promising not to share this info. But I know you are too sweet and kind to take advantage.

After the event there is some follow-up coaching so we can make sure we can answer any questions once you’ve let it all sink it and have started to implement. We will not leave you hanging!!! Still have more questions!?! No problem… there is a private post-workshop group you’ll have access to. This includes attendees from all workshops since 2016 and there are GREAT questions, conversations, and sharing going on there! And only event graduates are able to get private coaching from me.

You will meet other like-minded Advisors and we have seen accountability partners establish, study groups formed, etc. It’s fun to watch people support each other and encouraging hearts to grow.

We’ve created a TRIBE… a COMMUNITY… of people who continue to share and encourage for years after they’ve attended. This is my favorite part!


Are Advisors getting results?

OMG yes. I am so excited for all of the folks that have just taken this info, made it their own, and just RAN with it. We’ve had an insane amount of advisors increase their conference & productions levels… and TONS of people reporting back that they are working less and making more than ever before. But what gets me super tingly and exciting is people reporting back that they are so much more calm, peaceful, and balanced in their lives.

At the end of the video at the top of this page are some of the screen shots of informal shout out testimonials from advisors about the event.


How do I pay?

If you are a Thrivent Advisors, you must pay via payroll. You get the option to divide your event fee up over up to 10 pay periods. That’s like 5 months to pay after the event!

For nonThrivent Advisors, there is an option to pay via credit card. Please click here:


So… I stink at coming back and teaching all that I learned to my team! What’s the best way to translate 14 hours of content to them?

We hear you. We’ve all been to a conference and have come back FULL of ideas and things to do… and then we don’t take the time to implement. A couple of things…

  • You will be blown away… and you will want to implement some things IMMEDIATELY
  • We help you determine what those things are and to create space in your business to implement them

    Yes… you read that right! For the last several years we have offered an optional post-event virtual training called “OFFICE PROFESSIONAL BOOTCAMP." My team trains yours so you don’t have to… like I’ve always said… my goal is to make your life EASIER! We will train your support team on what we do and HOW we do it. It’s 5 hours of virtual training on everything we will show you at the event and more! This is ONLY available to PES alumni.


How much does this bad boy cost?

Well, I hope you can appreciate the insane amount of time and effort we’ve put into creating and re-tooling this event. Plus, since we cover all meeting space fees, meals, and transportation there are lots of costs on our end. The event is $2,250 per person for all of the stuff I mentioned above:. 14 hours of content, digital copies of templates, etc., coaching, and access to the private group. Plus, lodging (we have negotiated cheap rates) and getting here. The feedback from past participants is that they made this back instantly with implementing just one of the ideas we gave. So, it’s like life insurance… it’s something that is REALLY good for you, no one wants to pay for it, but you know you should because it puts you and your family in a better position having done it!

If you are a Thrivent Advisor our event does qualify for the $500 Annual Industry Scholarship.


What else?
Please check out the agenda so you can see exactly what topics we cover. Of courses there’s more than what’s on there… but this will give you a great idea of what to expect.


We’ll have you travel in on the 15th and out on the 17th after 4:00pm-ish. Registration email with alllll the details will come within a couple days of registration.


The Agenda

Two Days of Curated Content - Each session builds upon the one before to give a full scope of how our team operates and implements the systems and processes we show you.

Monday, September 16th, 2019

9:00am Welcome and Kick Off         

  • Our Team and Team Roles - who does what and how we get things done in limited time!
  • Life Hacks – Leveraging systems outside the office, tips and tricks - Is there an app for that?
  • 100 True Fans & Ideal Client Avatar – Creating a vision for a referable business.

10:00am  Break – Mmmm …caffeine

10:15am  Creating a Client Experience – How we became a 100% referral only practice

  • Systems and Templates – what we use before, during, after the meeting & throughout the year
  • ‘Stupid Simple’ Client Service Model – How we use revenue per household to define service levels in 10 minutes or less
  • On-going Advice – Our simple process to providing a biannual in-depth financial analysis for every client
  • Written Recommendations – Every time, ALL the time… without taking too much time

12:00pm  Lunch – Mmmm….food

12:45pm  Organizational Systems & Practice Management

  • Model Week - How Libby qualifies for Pinnacle in 25 hours per week
  • Systems and Processes  - Simple, easy to implement ideas to keep your team über organized      
    • Financial Planning
    • Keeping track of moving parts
    • Family Trees
    • Flow Charts

2:45pm  Break – Mmmm …caffeine

  • Systems and Processes (continued)  - Simple, easy to implement ideas to keep your team über organized              
    • Where on God’s Green Earth do I store ‘this’ information?
    • Net Worth and Star Tracker
    • The fastest, most robust and detailed note taking in the West… in less than 5 minutes!
    • Inter-office communication – Efficient delegation
    • Agendas
    • Sales Themes
  • Client On-boarding Process – getting clients started off in the most organized format
  • Leveraging Technology – even for the not so tech savvy

4:00pm  More Good Ideas and Q&A

  • Q&A
  • End of Day Wrap Up

4:30pm  Break

6:00pm  Ground transportation will pick up the group for travel between the venue and Montgomery Inn- The Boathouse 

6:30pm-8:30pm  Dinner – Montgomery Inn: The Boathouse


Tuesday, September 17th, 2019 

9:00am – 9:15am  Virtual Tour of our Office Layout and Design

(You will rotate between 3 sessions: Libby; Director of Operations, and Front/Back Office)

9:30am-10:30am  Round Table Discussion  - Libby – Referrals/Marketing/Tying it up with a bow

10:30am-11:30 am  Round Table Discussion  - Lori – Coordinating Chaos

11:30am-12:30pm  Round Table Discussion – Lisa/Amy - Before & After the Meeting

  • Virtual Office Tour – Office Set-up
  • Ask us anything! – Compensation, expenses, successes, failures, how to hire… etc.
  • Additional Discussion – Based on the attributes of the attendees, we will have pointed discussion topics to augment the previous day’s discussion such as:
    • Compensation of self and team; profit sharing
    • Pivotal decisions in my career that changed everything
    • Specific ideas for your next referral event!
    • How to use, customize, and implement the templates provided
  • Scheduling your Post Event Group Coaching Call

12:30pm – 1:30pm  Lunch Discussion, Wrap Up

1:30pm  Event Conclusion

I personally cannot wait to lead you through this!

Building my Advisory practice into a true BUSINESS has LITERALLY transformed my life... It allows me to be present with my young family, enjoy things outside the office, and hello reduction of stress and worry about income!

I've experienced first hand what it feels like to transition from constantly scratching and clawing my way to new sales, to experiencing the massive stress-relief that comes along with running a 100% referral-only business.

These systems and processes are foundational pieces of scaling to a 7-figure firm... whether you want to work less or not!

If you're an Advisor that's in it for the long game, you owe it to yourself to take real, tangible steps to building a sustainable business that provides income without working around the clock. You deserve to have a life outside the office!

I hope you join us for our LIVE event! It's my favorite thing we do over here at the efficient advisor!

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